At the beginning of January 2013 H&DAA introduced 120 top quality bream up to 5lb into Roosthole.  The fish supplier sourced these bream from a deep reservoir, which was being netted.  It is important when introducing new bream stocks to any water that they come from a water of similar depth to that in which they are being introduced.  

We have stocked new bream into Roosthole for several reasons.  Although Roosthole is often seen as a carp venue it is meant to be a general fishery where all our members can go and catch fish of various types.  We have lost some bream over the past couple of years due to the mud which comes into the lake following heavy rainfall.  The EA researched this problem for us and we now believe the problem has been solved (see Water Quality at Roosthole). Their recommendation was to introduce new bream then monitor water quality and health issues to determine a successful outcome.

Another reason for introducing these bream is that the weights of silver fish caught in matches have shown a serious decline in past months.

The photos below show the new fish being stocked.

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