Some members are fishing with live/dead baits for perch.  There is nothing specific in the Rule Book about this, but the bailiffs have discussed it with the H&DAA Committee and the following guide lines have been agreed:

1. Members can fish with live/dead baits all year.

2. Fish baits must be small, up to three inches long.

3. Live/dead fish bait must be caught from the same water as fished.

4. Wire trace must be used at waters where pike are present.

5. Wire traces do not need to be a specific length as is required for pike.

6. A single hook must be used, size 4 or smaller, microbarb or barbless as per the club rules.

7. No treble hooks are allowed for perch fishing, except for small spinners.

If members are not following the above guide lines and a bailiff suspects you are really fishing for pike outside the pike season, your ticket will be clipped. Members have the right to appeal to the Committee.

Added: Jun 2011   Revised: May 2016


Until further notice the H&DAA Pike Teach-ins have been suspended. Anyone fishing for pike will not have to prove they have been assessed BUT they will be expected to strictly follow H&DAA Rules for pike fishing as outlined in the Rule Book; anyone abusing these Rules risks losing their Membership Card.

Please use the correct equipment as bailiffs will be checking.

Added: Jun 2011


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Added: Jun 2011

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