Following our trial dredging in June 2011, we employed the services of ‘Land and Water’ in March 2013, who are more experienced in this type of work.  Dredging of the pond was carried out at the far end of the lake, from the yew tree to approximately half way down the length on the Horsham side.  

A vast amount of silt was removed along with solid mats of weed and tree root material to create a depth of around 4ft. Previous depths in places were down to 6 inches!

This has greatly improved through-flow of water, because Birchenbridge pond is actually a widening of the River Arun, with an inlet at the far end, and an outlet under the road bridge. It is hoped that in the future other areas of the lake can be dredged in the same way.   Ultimately we would like to do the whole lake, but it is an expensive exercise and has to be financed and agreed upon by both the club and the landowners.

Below are some photographs of the work, which took place during the snow, hence the upside down car at the entrance to the pond on the day of their arrival!

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