On 24th and 25th March 2011, H&DAA were given permission to employ a netting company to remove as many bream, roach and rudd from nearby syndicate water Hawkins Pond, and transfer those fish to Birchenbridge Pond.

The netting proved to be very successful and approximately 900lbs of fish were transferred into Birchenbridge Pond on those two days.  This included approximately 500lbs of bream up to 6lb+, and the remainder in roach and rudd up to 8oz.

All those who generously give to the fish fund with their membership renewal have directly contributed, and the H&DAA officers and committee are very grateful to you.  Your contribution really does make a difference, and in this particular instance, it is evident that the value of the fish caught and transferred far exceeded the cost of employing the services of the netting company.

The photos below show the work being carried out.

‘Moore and Moore’, the netting company, arrive at local syndicate water, Hawkins Pond, and unload their equipment.
The boat takes the net out to sweep an area of the lake.
The boat arrives back at the bank and the net forms a large arc across the water.
The net is slowly pulled by hand back to the bank.
The first glimpse of what the net holds.
After much pulling, which included volunteers from the H&DAA committee, the net finally arrives back at the bank.
The fish are transferred from the net to buckets.  These are taken up to an aerated tank on the back of a pick-up truck.
More fish are recovered and removed.
The netting process was repeated along the lake several times over two days.
The fish are released into their new home at Birchenbridge Pond.

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